What are the many ways pedestrian’s can be injured or killed? That question comes up more times than you can quickly think of.  In this post, which is being turned into a page for our Iowa pedestrian viewers, we examine the infinite number of ways pedestrians can be seriously injured or killed.

Many of you want to blame the driver or the pedestrian, depending on the camp from which you start you will draw conclusions based on predetermined and preconceived prejudice. But read through these over the next few weeks and see if you haven’t found yourself or your children in these precarious situations. They aren’t as far fetched or easily avoided as you might think. And again I can’t believe how many there have been in just the past few months. There are more to report on but I grew weary of reading and writing about so many.

So sit back, read and be patient. If you find my advice lacking, I invite you to comment to add your own words of advice. As always my point in writing is about safety; and in this instance, pedestrian safety.

Spokane, Idaho, May 8, 2009 - A 68-year old North Idaho man was struck and killed by a race car spinning out of control at the Spokane County Raceway. With Iowa just having built and opened the Newton Speedway and being the state where races take place at the Iowa Fair grounds along with Knoxville, pedestrians may find this case of interest.  The man was struck hard enough to be thrown up into a tree. He was said to have died instantly.

Alberta, Canada – November 2008 - A 44-year-old man was run down and killed as he walked across the parking lot of a busy Flying-J truck stop. The semi-truck driver was visibly shaken after the collision.

Edmonton, Canada – August 2008 - A 53-year-old man crossing the street was run down by an oncoming motorist while attempting to cross a busy street at a place other than a crosswalk. The driver of the 1976 Datsun was 19-years-old.

Raleigh, North Carolina, March 2009 - A 71-year-old pedestrian was killed after being struck by one SUV and then run over by three other vehicles while he was lying in the road. The SUV driver briefly stopped, then returned to his landscaping white truck and drove off. This is the same location where two young brothers were killed as they darted out into traffic while attempting to cross the street.
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