Let us continue with the pedestrian-car-truck-bus-train collision news items. As I previously stated, there are so many of them just since the first of the year. Today we’ll look at two additional news items that each provides a theme or reason (cause) as to why pedestrians get struck so much.  By analyzing how pedestrians get into accidents with motor vehicles maybe we can avoid finding ourselves in this situation.

Brooklyn, New York – February 2009 – Vans can be a higher type of vehicle sitting high off of the ground. Radios play loud and drivers have so many distractions available to them that the incomprehensible can actually happen. That’s an important fact to know in comprehending this news item. Trust me when I say this. From NYC Manhattan, Uptown. Downtown. This is Manhattan I bring you 17 miles of unexplained driving in a mental fog:

“According to the New York Police Department, a pedestrian crossing a street in Corona, Queens early Wednesday instead wound up being struck by two vehicles and his body being dragged an astounding 17 miles to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.

At approximately 6 a.m., the man, who has not yet been identified, was struck by an SUV near Shea Stadium when attempting to cross 108th Street. Just seconds later, a dark colored van drove over the man, his body getting lodged in the vehicle’s undercarriage. According to investigators, the driver of the second vehicle was apparently oblivious to what he struck and carried on driving for 17 miles to Brooklyn until a passerby was finally able to call his attention to the man’s body.

In surveillance video obtained exclusively by PIX News, a man is seen exiting a vehicle that dropped him off on 108th Street, just before 6:09 a.m. The man is seen properly observing pedestrian safety rules as he crosses 50th Avenue. Soon after, a second man appears in the video and he is struck by the SUV. The first pedestrian, a witness to the accident, can be seen grabbing his head with his hands in disbelief. Police were called immediately afterwards.”

There is really nothing I can say about this one? But here is a video, which I would not advise not watching.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – January 2009 – From Chalik & Chalik along with the Sun Sentinel we bring you this January 22, 2009 report of pedestrian mayhem in the sunny state of Minnie and Mickey. In this blog report, be discerning about what you read because some appears not to be accurate; the report mentions a different way a pedestrian was injured. It seems that a woman and her boyfriend were driving on or somewhere near Interstate Highway 595 while having an argument.  The boyfriend, apparently had had enough, got really mad and kicked her out of the car. She was probably just as angry, not thinking with a clear head and mad at the world allowed her emotions to take over paying attention to what was going on around her. A detective driving along on the highway must have struck her with his cruiser. She survived. Okay if you’re angry with a passenger it’s probably better to stop for gas, ask them to go into the convenience store for gum and then while they are inside drive away, leaving them safe and not so happy at the soda machine. Of course turn off your cell phone and call their mother telling them their location, so they can be picked up.

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