A KCCI-TV newsman was shot at by Des Moines Police officers when they responded to his call for help because a man was throwing rocks at the building. The officer failed to ask the newsman, who stood there talking on his cell phone, to identify himself and to confirm he was the suspect they were looking for. Luckily for this photojournalist, Spencer Vaughn, the police officer wasn't a very good shot and instead hit a light post. The man throwing the rocks appears to have mental health issues.

In other action the Iowa Alcoholic Beverage Division revoked the liquor license held by a grocery store after a man was shot and killed in the parking lot of the store. That's fast and unusual in that no hearing was held to gather and to evaluate the evidence.

In Waterloo a woman was sentenced to one year in prison for Medicaid fraud. The report states she submitted more than $43,000 in claims. The claims spanned from October 2004 to January 2009.  The Judge ordered her to pay restitution of the stated amount.

Steve Lombardi
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