Yesterday it got to be a high of around 67 degrees but in the 50’s most of the morning. The weather will warm up and when it does the riders will head out on the road. I’m guessing the first warm day brings out more than 100,000 riders. Good for them, great for retail sales and for Harley Davidson and Honda. But with those 100,000+ motorcycles we will see increased risks for personal injury accidents. And that is the gist of today's post. The drivers of both cars and motorcycles have a duty to mitigate the risks and should start thinking about it before that warm day in May is upon us.

According to one report Iowa has the third highest number of registered motorcycle owners. We have 18 people for every motorcycle. South Dakota is first with 12 people per motorcycle and 69,284 registered bikes. New Hampshire registered 79,266 motorcycles and 17 people per bike.

“Iowa comes in third with 18 people for every motorcycle, beating the national average by 50%. In 2011 the state had 172,929 motorcycles registered, representing 2.1% of all motorcycles in America. Iowa is also home to production of Polaris' (NYSE:PII) Victory and Indian brands, and has the famous Iowa Grand Motorcycle Rally. This Midwest state's wide-open spaces make for a perfect landscape for Polaris' and Harley-Davidson's (NYSE:HOG) famous cruisers.” 50 States Ranked for Highest Motorcycle Ownership: You Won't Guess Who's No. 2

The other drivers using the roads need to keep a lookout and their heads on a swivel.

So how many motorcycle deaths were there in the U.S.? Just shy of 5,000 in 2013. See NHTSA Fact Sheet. In 2013 Iowa had 38 deaths in the first nine months and 47 in 2014. These numbers are probably lower than how many riders actually died due to the crash reports not being amended when someone does not die at the accident scene but later dies in the hospital.

So refresh your motorcycle safety rules and live to ride another day.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

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