In the latest Iowa news the causes of motorcycle accidents include a running dog, a hole in the road and the driver losing control.

Accident  one in Danbury, Iowa has Donald Wunschel of Ida Grove hiting a dog while driving west in the 4100 block of 250th Street. His wife Peggy ended up with Donald in the ditch. They were taken to the hospital in Sioux City. Legal questions will surround the dog, the dog owner’s insurance, the city’s leash law and whether the homeowner's insurance will cover any liability. See 2 injured in Danbury, Iowa, motorcycle wreck from the Sioux City Journal.

The second accident from Shelby is an interstate 80 highway motorcycle wreck which is being blamed for this 2008 Harley Davidson rider losing control and having to lay down the bike. Our firm has had success with accidents on Iowa I-80 and Iowa I-35 involving motorcycle and truck accident cases. See Hole to blame in motorcycle accident near Shelby, by

The third Iowa motorcycle accident is near Mason City. This is a loss of control accident east of Highway 65 along the Avenue of Saints. The man’s name was not given. See Man hurt in motorcycle crash near Mason City, KTTC reporting. The actual cause is difficult to determine from what is being reported.

The fourth Iowa motorcycle accident to report happened in Appanoose County where a Centerville man died following a loss of control and crash. This is a June 28th report, but I’m a bit  late reporting on this particular accident, although before doing so I like to have several for a single post. Here is a quote from the Daily Iowegian article, see Man dies in Friday motorcycle accident by Kyle Ocker.

According to the state patrol's minimal crash report, the fatal accident occurred Friday at approximately 3:36 p.m. a quarter-mile south of the Highway J29 and Highway 5 intersection.

Donald Lee Bates, 63, of Centerville, was listed as deceased as a result of the single-vehicle accident.

The fifth reported motorcycle accident happens in Wisconsin, but is in Iowa County. This is a weird one, although not so strange if you’re a lawyer practicing in the area of personal injury. The police were called following a single motorcycle accident. Here is how it’s being reported. The police arrive only to find out the motorcycle passenger was riding in a group; the group along with the driver had left the scene. That’s not a good situation and is likely to get pretty ugly as things get sorted out. See Wisconsin State Journal as reported by Madison Crime on Twitter. Motorcycle passenger dies of crash injuries, suspected cycle driver arrested in Iowa County. One dead after motorcycle crash in Iowa County, Wisconsin by KWWL.

The sixth motorcycle accident happens on I-35 and as indicated we do handle Iowa I-35 motorcycle accidents. The cause of this accident is reported as the rear bikes following too closely. The front rider brakes for traffic conditions and the rider to the rear runs into him. Update on I35 Motorcycle Crash The rule is stagger and keep more distance to anticipate the unexpected. These riders will have to file claims against each other.

The seventh accident’s cause can’t be determined base on the reporting by KTTC. The rider was Ronnie Roadmaker of Osage who reportedly was killed. See Fatal motorcycle crash in north Iowa.

This seventh Iowa motorcycle accident is caused by a deer on Interstate 29 between Council Bluffs and the exit at Cresent Iowa. The time is probably important since its 1:00 a.m. back in June. So why is the time important? Because it’s dark and deer would be on the move in this area. According to the reporter, “Trooper Jim Bullington reported that Walker was unable to avoid the animal and laid the motorcycle over. A female passenger, Megan Sue Walker, 36, was injured when she was thrown from the motorcycle. Jeffrey Walker was pinned by the motorcycle but was freed without mechanical means. Both were wearing helmets at the time of the crash.” See Southwest Iowa News and Council Bluffs pair injured in deer-motorcycle crash on I-29. And in another report, 2 people hurt in Iowa motorcycle-deer collision.

Our eighth Iowa motorcycle accident is a West Des Moines couple inovolved in an accident in Newton County as repored by the Harrison Daily. The cause of the collision isn’t discussed so I’m not able to determine cause without further information. This happened back around the first week of June so they may have already concluded their claims, If not and you need help give us a call. See Harrison Daily and Couple from Iowa in motorcycle wreck.

The ninth Iowa motorcycle incident-accident takes us back to Pottawattamie County and a high-speed chase with speeds clocked at up to 140 mph. Here is a quote from Radio Iowa.

““He was coming up on the deputy in a hurry from behind,” Danker says. “They clocked him at 78 in a 50 (mile an hour zone) and the deputy slowed down, the motorcycle passed him, he tried to stop him and he took off at a high rate of speed.” Danker says the cycle exceeded 140-miles per hour at times and didn’t slow down much, even when passing through a few small towns.

“The motorcycle would periodically slow down and then speed up,” the sheriff says. “It went through Treynor at about 120 and went through Carson at 135, and continued at speeds greater than 130.” Danker says the results of the cycle passing through towns at those speeds could have been disastrous.” See, Man charged after high-speed motorcycle chase in Pottawattamie County.

The person who was injured was an officer involved in the chase. A deer collided with the officers car and he ended up crashing which resulted in his being injured causing a trip to Mercy Hospital. That will add charges to the long list they will bring against the driver.

For Iowa motorcycle accident number ten we head northeast to Cedar Falls. In this one a motorcycle and a truck collided. A flatbed truck was owned by Benton’s Building Center and operated by Wendling of Waterloo, according to the Courier report. The motorcycle was being driven by Trina Cheever of Cedar Falls who was taken to Allen Hospital with serious injuries. Later she was transported to the University of Iowa Hospital’s & Clinics. The cause appears to be the truck driver attempting to make a u-turn (illegal?) and the two wrecked. The location was Lone Tree and Big Woods roads in Blackhawk County. See the Courier staff report at NEW DETAILS: Motorcycle/truck collide in Cedar Falls.

That is it for today. We work hard for our clients with Iowa personal injury accident insurance claims. Trial work requires a diligent effort to both gather and preserve evidence. Contact us as early after the accident as you are able so we can move to assist you in your accident insurance claim. Call us at 515-222-1110 or [email protected]. We wish you a safe trip with riding and the best of luck with your case.

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