Iowa Mississippi River Boat Crash

The story is “Boats in fatal Iowa crash were shuttling partiers”, that from the AP on May 21, 2012.

So what happened that cause the drivers to not see each other. According to the article one boat had no lights and was operating after dark. If alcohol was a factor no one yet knows, but it’s good to remind everyone operating a boat that in Iowa it is illegal to do so with a blood alcohol level above 0.08. That’s not much so you’re better off passing on drinking if you’re the driver.

What will the investigation focus on?

  • Alcohol consumption by the drivers
  • Boat lights
  • Passengers’ use of life jackets
  • Speed      
  • Anything that will indicate operation in an “unsafe manner”

The newer boat, which sustained minor damage, was able to rescue all but four people whose bodies were pulled from the water Sunday within 100 yards of the crash site. The victims were identified as Jacob Boyd, 22; Matthew House, 21; Blake Eakins, 21; and Caitlyn Atchley, 20. All were from Burlington.

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