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Today we will simply report the news as simply "news items" because to get into this issue about student loans is one I don’t enjoy. If you are borrowing student loans get some advice before running up a lot of debt. Student loans are not the gravy train you may be led to believe.

Employees of some nonprofits get notified they don't qualify for student loan forgiveness program
Some nonprofit employees counting on the federal government’s Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program recently received word that they don’t qualify, for reasons that remain unclear. The change might be related to an employer’s tax status. Part of the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007, the PSLF program includes charitable nonprofit employers that under the Internal Revenue Code have 501(c)(3) status.
ABA Journal

Iowa Supreme Court considers Cedar Rapids woman's $75 traffic camera ticket
A Cedar Rapids woman was zipping down Interstate 380 in her Ford Mustang, clocked at 68 mph in a 55 zone, one day in February 2015. It was all caught on a traffic camera, and Marla Leaf, 65, soon found a $75 ticket in her mailbox. Except, Leaf was driving cautiously because earlier that day an icy and "very slick” I-380 had caused accidents and it was still icy on her return, she testified.
The Cedar Rapids Gazette

New Iowa law on court debt aims to keep drivers on road
Thousands of Iowans threatened with the loss of their driver's license could legally stay on the road under a new state law scheduled to take effect July 1. The legislation signed by Gov. Terry Branstad last week includes provisions to help motorists who don't pose a threat to public safety but who are having difficulty paying fines and other court debts, said Mark Lowe, director of driver's services for the Iowa Department of Transportation.
The Des Moines Register

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