I-80 Iowa Interstate rear-end crash victims identified

We had earlier reported on an I-80 multi-vehicle collision. A semi-truck driver ran into the rear of one vehicle pushing it into others. It’s reported that several people died in the crash.  The Iowa State as a 39-year-old woman 61-year-old man. The woman is Diana Nesseler of Milan, Illinois and the man, James Daly also of Illinois. Charles, Illinois. Patrol has now identified the dead

As we earlier wondered aloud, what could the semi-truck driver’s distraction have been.

This pile-up accident is covered also by the Des Moines Register.

What distraction caused a semi-truck to drive into the rear of a line of vehicles on I-80 in eastern Iowa?

The video of the bus driver is again worth watching.

If you’ve never seen a semi-truck crash-collision-accident here is one that will certainly make you drive slower.

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