Iowa Fatalities

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West Des Moines, Iowa - A two car accident on the 42nd Street overpass killed the driver who crossed over the centerline. According to the description in the Des Moines Register the accident took place on Saturday afternoon in West Des Moines around 1:00 pm. The northbound car crossed over the centerline into southbound traffic when it collided with the southbound vehicle. It doesn't appear the Iowa State Patrol investigated this fatality. No names were given and the condition of the southbound-not-at-fault driver was not given.

Fairbank, Iowa - August 6, 2010 - Two people were in a car that flipped over a fence and struck pipes used to transport ethanol along Highway 281 in Iowa early Friday morning. The accident occurred at 5:30 a.m. killing the driver, Brad Williams Higgins, age 49 of Fairbanks. He was not wearing a seat belt. His passenger, Corey Allen Annis, age 23 was injured, but because of his seat belt his was thought not to have lived. Buchanan County, Iowa. The car was a 1998 Pontiac Firebird heading north. Summary: VEH ONE WAS TRAVLING WEST ON HWY 281 WHEN IT LOST CONTROL AND ENTERED THE NORTH DITCH VEH ONE ROLLED SEVERAL TIMES AND CLEARED A CHAIN LINK FENCE THAT WAS SURROUNDING SOME EXPOSED GAS PIPES UNIT ONE CAME TO REST ON ALL FOUR TIRES INSIDE THE FENCE ASSISTED BY BUCHANAN CO SO, FAYETTE CO SO, MERCY AMBULANCE OELWEIN, FAIRBANK FIRE AND EMS.

Calhoun County, Iowa.  August 3, 2010 - A single vehicle accident involving a semi-truck driver who it's reported failed to stop at a stop sign while turning right from Fairfax Avenue to D-15. His speed and sudden right turn caused the truck to roll onto the driver's side and then come to rest on it's top in the south ditch. The driver Russell J. Edwards fro Sioux City, Iowa was killed. He was 44-years-of age. I'm reporting this in the workers' compensation section because in instances like these no matter if the driver is at fault his dependents, wife and children, are entitled to receive workers' compensation benefits. There is a wrinkle to this one but in respect for the relatives no analysis will be made. The truck owner, Wells Ag Supply from Fonda, Iowa may also be the employer.

Lyon County, Iowa. July 30, 2010 - This accident has my interest because we have a similar case from Creston, Iowa. In our case a dark colored cow was standing in the roadway when my clients came along and struck it. The wife, a passenger, died. No farmer in that county is claiming ownership of the cow although it matters not because we determined through our investigation who he is. So in this case where Theodore Smith, from George, Iowa is driving his motorcycle down L-14 or L-22 and strikes a cow standing in the roadway just north of 260th Street I'm curious as to whether the cow's owner stepped forward to claim ownership. I used both L-14 and L-22 because the police report isn't clear which roadway he was on. The collision took place at 11:32 p.m. and killed the motorcycle rider. Location is more specifically described as: A052 / 260 and L022 / LILY. I've probably answered my own question. A closer reading of the report indicates the name of the cow's owner. He's from Sheldon, Iowa.

Van Buren County, Iowa. July 26, 2010 - In this collision we have two-vehicles, a car from Arkansas and an f-150 pickup truck from Iowa. The report has the two traveling in opposite directions and meeting at a 90-degree turn on V-64 where it meets 275th Street. The report indicates the woman from Lowell, Arkansas didn't stay in her lane at the curve. Instead she crossed the center line, and into the path of the pickup truck driver, Mr. Keith High. Mr. High trying to avoid the collision turned left of center attempting to avoid the crash and then struck the car in the passenger side. That car was operated by Pamela Hutchison and she was charged with operating her car left of center.  Interesting enough, High wasn't injured, Hutchison had a possible injury, but three passengers in the Hutchison Buick were injured, one serious enough to cause fatal injuries. According to the police report she was seated in the rear seat on the passenger side. She was a 70-year-old woman. By the way the collision occurred the other person seated in the rear seat may have been thrown into her. It's hard to say. But what we can learn from this accident is the need to wear your seat belt even when sitting in the back seat. The at-fault driver would of course by covered by her insurance company for damages to her own passengers.

Johnson County, Iowa. July 25, 2010 - This accident we've previously reported on. What's interesting about it is there were four people in the car, it's a single-vehicle accident caused by an apparent loss of control followed by a roll-over collision killing all four people. The investigation centers on trying to determine who was driving. Even after this investigation is complete the question will debated in the civil lawsuit because the insurance companies will argue till the cows come home as to who should pay and which companies shouldn't have to pay. Investigation by ISP Hicks, Badge No. 207. Accident at 1:36 a.m. in Johnson County, Iowa. Exact location given as: HERBERT HOOVER HWY measuring 0.6 Miles West from TAFT AVE and HERBERT HOOVER HWY. Law enforcement case no. 2010043751. Car was a 2009 Altima four door. Persons involved: Althiser, Frea, Onsgard and Vinopal. This technical investigation report (TI) will be interesting reading.

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