In recent years, medicine has been produced that is meant to reverse the effects of drug overdoses.  Police officers or paramedics who first arrive on the scene of a potential overdose can use the medicine to save the life of someone who is unconscious and may otherwise die from an overdose.  One of the drugs that has this reversing property is naloxone hydrochloride.  Governor Branstad signed a law into effect in April 2016 making it legal for all first responders, family members, and friends of opioid addicts to carry the opioid reversal drug naloxone.  Police officers in eastern Iowa are now considering whether to train officers to use this medication and supply it to officers that may encounter drug overdose victims.  Some police chiefs believe it is unnecessary as they are not often the first on the scene of a drug overdose since paramedics and fire emergency personnel are usually called first.  Others have provided the drug to its officers as they sometimes are the first on the scene, especially in rural counties, and can be life-saving in many overdose cases.

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