A 46-year old Iowa man was killed while cleaning out the bed of a semi-truck that is used to haul dirt. The report isn’t entirely clear as to how he was killed but the Chicago Tribune’s report indicates he was trapped between the doors when the hydraulic pressure dropped allowing the doors to shut. The truck owner is Myles Lorenz, Inc. of St. Peter, Minnesota. The worker was from Hornick, Iowa. The date of death was December 9, 2008 at around 1:18 P.M. The construction site is in Lancaster County, Nebraska. The man was pronounced dead at the hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska.

You might wonder whether this man’s family is entitled to any benefits. They are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits and depending on the place of his employer or the location of his daily dispatch (normal place of employment could be Iowa) the benefits may be paid according to Nebraska, Iowa or Minnesota. The best thing this man’s family can do is seek competent legal advice from an attorney who practices in the area of workers’ compensation. That may require visiting with a different attorney in each state, but is well worth the effort as each state’s benefits schedule are quite different and may be thousands of dollars more or less.

Generally speaking Iowa has better benefits. Like Indiana, Nebraska tends to be not so generous with its injured workers.

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