Iowa Car Accidents for mid-November 2010

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Steve Lombardi, Attorney

Yesterday I went to mediation for my client who was sterilized without her consent. You know they really don't get it. The powers-that-be think its business as usual. They don't understand how mad working America is about all they have and are stealing from us. Billions for the bank, millions for the CEO robbed from our 401K plans, administrators being paid a million to run small operations and then charge our health insurance. Meanwhile we get a few scraps; the taxpayers are getting robbed and they think its business as usual. Okay, I got that off my chest. Now let's look at how people are being injured.

What do we have today? We have an accident in Washington, Buchanan and Johnson Counties. This time we have a deer-car crash, another off the road and into the ditch crash and the last is another blown tire case. Okay there isn't much to analyze here except to say at a certain hour, dawn or dusk, deer are more active. Keep your eyes on the road and leave the cell phone off and lastly get your tires checked and keep an eye on the road for things that don't belong there. For those towing a trailer you need to secure your loads to keep the junk off the roads.

One thing about that deer collision, it was a state trooper's car and he was en route to another motor vehicle collision. Go figure!

And in the drop and roll case there are three young passengers with injuries that took them to either Covenant in Waterloo or the Buchanan County Health Center for treatment. Jordan Prohaska, 19, Elijah Swackhammer, 17 from La Porte City and Adam Boxwell, 18 from Waterloo.

In the blown tire case there are four passengers in the car that ended up injured. McKnight, Andresen, Mack and Wright all ended up heading out by ambulance. Now I do get telephone calls from time-to-time asking about these types of cases when something is wrong with the car; the last was the tire and rim came off after some work at the tire shop. What I tell the passengers is while the driver may not be at fault for it blowing that day; they are responsible for maintenance of the car. What insurance company's do that protects their pocketbook from claims is to destroy the car and tires. So as a passenger what you need to do is preserve the evidence by hiring an attorney, taking photographs of the tire tread or keeping the tires. If you keep the tires mark with a white chalk on the sides of each tire to show the outside and which wheel the tires come off of. There is nothing more exasperating than to have clients call and no one has preserved the evidence.

The insurance industry has been very clever about making people concerned about quickly hiring an attorney. So while you hesitate they are out systematically destroying the evidence. So do yourself a favor and hire an attorney.

Okay that's enough for today. See you back tomorrow.

Steve Lombardi
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