To better understand the AG Industry in Iowa our office took the day off and headed to the annual Pork Expo at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. The Glass Walls Project got my attention as a step in the right direction. The Glass Walls is a video project to make the meat industry more transparent to the general public. This project provides an online tour of a pork processing plant and is narrated by Temple Grandin, a professor of animal science at Colorado State and a recognized leader in animal welfare. The video link for pork slaughter houses is here: Link to Pork Processing Tour with Temple Gradin

This second link is a similar video but for beef slaughtering. Beef Processing Plan from the American Meat Institute.

Iowa lawyers handling workers’ compensation claims in the meat packing industry along with those who just want to have a better understanding of the meat industry can watch this video without having to visit an actual plant. I'm a meat eater so I have a vested interest in the beef and pork industry and it's health. Some people don't need to watch these videos and would be disturbed by what is shown, but this is the reality of being a meat eater, it's how we get our food. 

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