Today we have a good example of the type of action not covered by casualty insurance. A 62-year-old man who lives in an apartment complex is standing in the driveway when as the story alleges a woman driving a car intentionally runs into and then over him. The police are called but upon arrival the woman is gone. This story has aspects of it that don't seem logical, like him turning down medical treatment after claiming the car ran over his hip area. But today that's not our focus. Our attention to day is on intentional acts of violence against another person.

Fortuitous acts those with unintended consequences. Intentional acts normally have the intention of causing injury; whereby fortuitous acts do not. As the law of insurance goes intentional acts are not normally covered. One exception involves insurance policies covering police officers for things like false arrest, excessive force and false imprisonment. Insurance is to cover our negligent or acts with unintended consequences. And it makes sense; after all what deterrent would some people have to control bad behavior if they could cover their violent behavior through insurance coverage?

Negligence is negligence is negligence.

Steve Lombardi
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