Insurance Journal Issues and then Distorts Report Findings

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I ran across several articles posted on the Insurance Journal’s website. One title was Study: Cost for Non-hospital Services in Workers’ Comp Highest in Wisconsin. The title alone suggests there was some kind of a study that proves the point of higher-highest costs for workers’ compensation programs. Studies are supposed to be independent and the use of the word in the title is supposed to do the same; suggest independence from bias. But that’s not the case here. This ‘study’ was conducted by the WCRI.

The Workers Compensation Research Institute touts itself as the leading independent research organization researching and analyzing workers’ compensation issues. But it’s anything but independent or objective. First of all the “group” is not open to the public, it’s private and not anyone can join the group. To gain access to the WCRI site you must apply for membership, a method employed by groups who do not wish members who might display objectivity that would question their methods or conclusions. These types of groups are the one’s buying influence in Washington, DC – the same ones that have our Congress in their back pockets.

If you view the WCRI member list it’s all big-business and insurance companies that are paying for the research, not organizations without an ax to grind. To be a member you must be a large self-insured employer, an insurance company, a state insurer, a reinsurance company, a national trade and professional association or national labor organization. WCRI doesn’t set a membership fee, the fee is based on how big you are; a rather telling admission to say the least. It’s just more of pay to play. There really is no difference between Democrats and Republicans; they are all working the system to promote their own agenda without regard to the taxpayers paying the bills. This organization simply promotes its own propaganda through self-serving “studies” that are more than likely rigged to give them the result they want.

Further titles suggest the Insurance Journal is just one more arm of the propaganda machine of the insurance industry. It’s the same arm that promotes fiction rather than fact for the sake of marketing and promoting the float.

See Fast Growth in Price for Non-Hospital Services in Indiana Work Comp.


WCRI Members / 2011



The following organizations support the research of WCRI.

Associate Members - State Labor Organization
Associate Members - Rating Organization
Associate Members - Public Sector United States
Associate Members - Public Sector International


Aon Global Risk Consulting
Bimbo Bakeries USA
Bunch & Associates
Chevron Corporation
CorVel Corporation
Costco Wholesale
Coventry Workers' Comp Services
Crawford & Company
Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.
General Mills, Inc.
GENEX Services, Inc.
Gould & Lamb, LLC
Healthcare Solutions
Marriott International, Inc.
Matrix Healthcare Services, Inc.
MedRisk, Inc.
Nordstrom, Inc.
One Call Medical
Palmetto Hospital Trust
Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.
Southern California Edison
Stanford University
Towers Perin
United Parcel Service
Universal SmartComp
The Walt Disney Company


Bituminous Casualty Corporation
California State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF)

Chartis Insurance
Chubb & Son, a division of Federal Insurance Company
Employers Mutual Casualty Company
The Hartford Insurance Group

Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance
Liberty Mutual Group
New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company
The PMA Group
Property Casualty Insurers Association of America

QBE the Americas
Safety National

Selective Insurance Company of America, Inc.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company

The Travelers Companies, Inc.
Zenith Insurance Company
Zurich North America


American Insurance Association

Safeway, Inc.
Target Corporation

Associate Members – State Labor Organization 


Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation

Canadian Union of Public Employees

The Center for Construction Research and Training
New Hampshire AFL-CIO

North Dakota AFL-CIO
Tennessee AFL-CIO

Wisconsin State AFL-CIO

Associate Members – Rating Organization 

Compensation Advisory Organization of Michigan
Massachusetts Workers' Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau
Minnesota Workers' Compensation Insurers Association

New Jersey Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau
New York Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau
North Carolina Rate Bureau
Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau
Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau

Associate Members – Public Sector United States 

Alaska Division of Workers Compensation
California Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation
California Division of Workers' Compensation
Colorado Department of Labor and Employment-Workers' Compensation Division
Connecticut Workers' Compensation Commission
District of Columbia Office of Workers' Compensation
Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation
Idaho Industrial Commission
Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission
Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation
Kansas Department of Human Resources/Division of Workers' Compensation
Kentucky Department of Workers' Claims
Louisiana Office of Risk Management
Louisiana Office of Workers' Compensation Administration
Maine Workers' Compensation Board
Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission
Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents
Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance & Policy
Massachusetts State Rating Bureau, Division of Insurance
Massachusetts Human Resources Division, Workers' Compensation Section
Michigan Workers' Compensation Agency
Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry
Mississippi Workers' Compensation Commission
Montana Department of Labor & Industry
Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court
New Jersey Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau
New Mexico Workers' Compensation Administration
New York State Workers' Compensation Board
Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services
Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry
Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training
South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission
Tennessee Department of Labor
Texas Department of Insurance, Division of  Workers' Compensation
Texas State Office of Risk Management
United States Department of Labor
Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission
Washington State Auditors Office
Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

Associate Members – Public Sector International

British Columbia Workers' Compensation Board (WorkSafe BC)

Comcare Australia
Manitoba Workers' Compensation Board
New Brunswick Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission
New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation
Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
Safe Work Australia
Victorian WorkCover Authority
WorkCover Authority of New South Wales

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