Insurance Claim Denials Not Always Accurate - Why You May Be Entitled to the Insurance Proceeds

Insurance companies have one purpose: to try to deny claims altogether, or pay as little as possible when payment is required.  Adjusters look for ways to deny claims by examining the policy language and finding ways to apply that language in such a way as to deny coverage.  Many times, the insured accepts this denial because they do not know of any recourse they have available to them, or perhaps because they trust the insurance company and believe that they are not owed coverage under their insurance policy.  Whether it is auto coverage or life insurance coverage, denials are common and payment without question is less common.  Insurance companies hope that the insured or the beneficiary will not question the denial and will not seek an attorney to try to recover under the policy. 

There are many times where the denial is simply wrong, or that the language of the policy can be construed in a way that allows coverage to the insured or beneficiary.  That is where we come in.  As attorneys, we have the knowledge required to examine insurance policies and determine what language will allow coverage and how to argue in favor of coverage for the insured or beneficiary.  We can help you if you have been denied coverage under your own insurance policy, or if you are the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.  Call us today so that we can discuss your potential claim to insurance proceeds and allow us the chance to examine the insurance policy language to determine if you are owed the proceeds of the policy.

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