Insurance Adjusters Insisting on Repeated Documentation from Attorneys Reduces Efficiency

Typically at the start of a claim for personal injury, we will send a letter of representation to any insurance companies that we know are involved.  This generally includes the at-fault or liability insurance carrier, as well as our own client's insurance company who may provide uninsured or underinsured coverage, as well as medpay coverage, depending on the circumstances.  These letters of representation include our contact information and pertinent information related to the client such as name, date of injury or loss, and policy number.  This should in theory provide the insurance carrier with the notice they need to communicate with our office going forward in the claim.  Recently however, we have received phone calls from adjusters at insurance companies where we have previously sent our letter of representation, stating their name and role in the claim and then saying something to the effect of "well I need you to send a letter of rep, because we cannot talk to you until we have that."  Which is baffling since one would think they would not have known to contact us unless they already had our contact information (from the letter of rep previously sent), and then knowing that we already sent a letter of rep, why are they even requesting that we send another? These lapses in logic are not only frustrating, but they waste our time in responding to these adjusters and/or sending a second letter of rep to a company that we already sent one to (and from which we usually have received a confirmation of receipt as well).  This seems to be a new issue that is occuring more frequently, without explanation.  And the more it occurs, the busier we are trying to point out to the adjusters that they are mistaken, rather than actually doing our work to move the claim forward to a resolution for all parties.

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