Wrongful convictions occur more often than prosecutors would like to admit.  A few of those incarcerated work themselves out of the prison system by fighting the injustices they encountered.  Jabbar Collins, a 42 year old man, served 16 years in prison after being convicted for murdering a rabbi in 1994.  During his time in prison, Mr. Collins researched criminal law and procedure in the computerless library.  He filed document requests repeatedly and appealed rulings that denied his requests for over ten years.  He retained attorney Joel Rudin toward the end of his time in prison to help finally exonerate him.  Now, Mr. Collins has sued the city and state of New York; he recieved a $3 million settlement from the state already, and is set to receive a $10 million settlement from the city.  This combined amount is the record in a wrongful conviction civil lawsuit settlement.  Among the allegations are that the prosecutor in the Brooklyn District Attorney's office in charge of convicting Mr. Collins was breaking the rules and possibly persuading witnesses.  There are other similar allegations against the same district attorney's office in other murder cases where the convicted prisoners have now been exonerated as well.  Investigations into the alleged wrongdoing of certain prosecutors is ongoing.

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