In Iowa can a parent be sued for negligent supervision?

Question: Can I sue the homeowners for having an underage drinking party where my child was sexually assaulted? Question Detail: My 17-year-old daughter went to a sleepover with her cheerleader friends and it was later discovered the parent knew there was underage drinking. It was also discovered my child was sexually assaulted while all the kids at this party were passed out on the floor of her house. The boy was later found guilty and nothing was ever done about the adult hosting the party. Can she be held liable for anything?

Answer: I sued a parent for negligent supervision having to do with a ski trip. The underaged child went off the end of the slope, broke her neck and died after hitting her head on a rock. The supervising parent was not present doing what is required to supervise. So you may be able to pursue a claim against the parents. 

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