A highway construction worker was struck and killed in Morrison, Illinois. The worker was identified by the Quad City Times as Michael S. Holloway, 44 or Rock Falls, Illinois. The worker killed was working as the flagger. He was run over by a dump truck backing up. The dump truck driver is 75 years old.

This is a situation I’ve blogged on several times on The Verdict. Just today we posted on older drivers and how old is too old to be driving.

Hit and Run that kills Bicyclist spurs debate on the impact of age on driving privileges

In other posts I’ve talked about road construction worker safety and traffic risks.

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Highway Workers are at risk of being killed while repairing the nations roads - be careful

And in other posts I’ve discussed backing-up accidents that kill workers and pedestrians.

Truck Accident Prevention: Garbage truck backing over woman may be an accident but it is preventable.

Construction Accidents - Backing up and rear warning devices.

Safety should never go on break.

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