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Medicaid is a medical program for those who are poor, have no insurance and meet the program qualifications. A woman in Waterloo, Iowa has pleaded guilty to filing $43,000.00 in false claims from 2004 to 2009. Apparently she used someone else's name and provider number. Medicare and Medicaid false claims are a crime. This kind of fraud has been found in the past involving medical service provider and patient. If you are a hospital worker and know of such systematic fraud you can be financially rewarded for turning in those involved. Call us if we can assist you. It's called a qui tam action (also known as the False Claims Act) and has been a part of the federal law since the civil war.

From Wikipedia: In common law, a writ of qui tam is a writ whereby a private individual who assists a prosecution can receive all or part of any penalty imposed. Its name is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitur, meaning "[he] who sues in this matter for the king as [well as] for himself."

So what does all of this mean to nurses and hospital administrators? It means that as citizens and taxpayers of the United States you too are an integral part of this country not paying more than we should for goods and services. It holds true for defense contractor employees and anyone else working for businesses doing business with the federal government. A friend of mine who previously ran a manufacturing plant described how other factory owners ran afoul of the law by buying product from China, relabeling it as Made in America and then supplying it to the U.S. government, which under the terms of the contract was illegal.

Most people know this as whistleblowing. 

In other financial news the Iowa Alcoholic Beverage Division is being accused of misspending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on artwork, leather chairs, bicycles, a camper, high-definition televisions and other items during a four year period. The IABD is also under review for questionable practices having to do with bidding out work for office renovations. If this is the office I tried to locate it's in a building with no sign and seems to be hiding from the general public or at least attempting to stay under the public's radar screen. Governor Culver's office could do well to investigate how this office is being run. To read the kCCI story follow this link. The audit report from the Office Of Auditor of State, State of Iowa is available and we will provide a copy of the same on the Lombardi Law Firm website. In fact you access all current audit reports of interest on the State of Iowa - Auditor site. I'm going to cover this in another blog post. I think this issue is that important.

West Des Moines' Walnut Creek Campus is a building I'm familiar. I've spoken there on several occasions. It's been a few years since I last spoke but with the government's misspending I can't imagine the physical plant has gotten better; far from it I'll be its gotten worse. Currently located at 815 Eighth Street in West Des Moines the school board is looking to expand and move the alternative education opportunity for high school students. Clegg Park is one option and they are considering other alternatives like building a new building. Why I'm not sure. The dollar amount they are discussing is $7.2 million. You can buy a lot with $7.2 million. We have the most arrogant school board they are constantly finding ways to spend money the voters don't have. Back when I last spoke it was necessary to ask the teacher why only half the lights were on. She informed me it wasn't about turning them on that the lights had burnt out and the district hadn't fixed them. I sent over an electrician to fix them on my own dime, but after thanking me the principal informed me union rules would not allow a non-union school maintenance person to do the work. So let me see, the regular high school had over a million dollars for lighting the baseball field but nadda for the alternative high school building lights. That's an interesting priority list. Nice, you wonder why young adults feel the need to reject the normal high school and it's arrogance towards the low brow lifestyle? If you want to know why kids seem lost today you need look no father than the way we baby boomers are acting the decisions we make.

Here is another story about financial issues that fits right into this list of news stories. An audit at the Newell Ambulance Service is questioning $5,200 in payments for additional compensation along with missing receipts. The DCI is getting involved. In these times of economic challenges students looking for work might consider a financial degree that could lead to a forensic professional white-collar job.

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