Question: How does the insurance company determine what my settlement amount will be, due to my work injury?
Question Detail: My injuries are extensive and permanent due to a warehouse rollup door, which rolled down on my neck and shoulder. I had become paralyze from my neck down. Worker's compensation denied neck surgery three times. They have denied every request except my biweekly checks and medications. My wife is very concern with my life, took me to our private insurance hospital- du to my sickly appearance and grave look. I had emergency surgery after eight hours; I now have two rods two plates, 8 screws and cadaver bone grafts. I'm looking at two more surgeries in a couple of years and I'm not able to walk. I have no control of my bowels. I have permanent spinal cord damage torn disc and six bulging disc up to 9mm. I need to know how I'm going to financially support my ten children and wife. Six children are still under the age of eighteen. Is my family and marriage doomed? Injury date was in 2011. I need somebody with experience in dollar amounts if I'm set for life or dead in the water.

Answer: The answer to this one is simple, you are likely a permanent total disabled worker and need to hire a lawyer, your lawyer needs to file the claim, you need to hire the right doctors and this case needs to be litigated. If they are talking about paying you less than this, you're getting screwed over by the adjuster or case manager. It's really that simple.

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