If in Iowa, would this worker’s widow would be entitled to work comp benefits.

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When a worker is killed and the cause of the injuries that killed him both arose out of and was in the course of his employment, the dependent spouse is entitled to receive weekly benefits. She can get these benefits for life, unless she gets married. If considering re-marriage and you tell the lawyer that fact, the lawyer is duty-bound to tell the other side. This means before you decide to get married consider doing one of two things. One, don't get married just live with the bum. Or, two, go to a lawyer and commute your life benefits before you decide to get re-married. Make sense? If not call or contact me first. [email protected] or call 515-222-1110 Steve Lombardi, Lombardi Law Firm
June 29, LAFAYETTE, WI - 28 year old Nicholas Van Dyke of Elkhorn, an employee for Lockhart's Service Station suffered crushing injuries when a car he was working on fell of a hoist. He was freed by co-workers and sheriff's deputies but later died at a local hospital. 
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