Defending against IBM chargesThere are several ways to do this.

  1. Keep a level head and think about what you’re being accused of and how to meet the charges.
  2. Make sure you have read the Complaint and understand the charges made.
  3. Break down the charges and be thinking about how you can assist me, the attorney to meet those charges.
  4. Locate physicians who can act as an expert on your behalf. This doesn’t necessarily mean your friends and colleagues; it means qualified and recognized experts on the subject.
  5. Research the appropriate standard of care and practice in the literature and provide to my office. We do this but remember you have access to journals that we, your lawyer, may not have available to us.
  6. Provide practice standards to our office.
  7. Don’t make other mistakes.
  8. If the charges are based on substance abuse, go get evaluated and if necessary participate in a treatment program.
  9. Pay your bill.
  10. Sometimes it’s as easy as getting some exercise. I want you to expend some of that nervous energy by working out; running, walking, playing tennis or whatever it is you do that helps you to relax. Calling or emailing the lawyer is costing you money and while I realize you need to be reassured we are working for you, I still need to know you have another outlet for nervous energy.

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