There is nothing magical about how to meet the charges. We will need physicians to review the medical charts; they will need to talk with you in order to understand what you did that has raised concerns; and then to review the literature to understand how to respond to the Board’s charges. Charges are just that, no more and no less. Charges do not mean you did something wrong. 

We will need other physicians who can review the record and to testify. These will be your experts for the hearing. They will be required to write a report, they may give a deposition and of course they will be required to testify at a review hearing in Des Moines. Seldom do these experts do all of this for free. Not only are you paying for the attorney’s time, you are also incurring expense for the expert’s time. In another post I covered the expert costs you will also incur in having your attorney depose (question under oath) the Board’s experts. In some cases I’ve seen up to three experts all charging $600.00 per hour.

Keep in mind this case is all about hard work and expert opinions.


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