They will tell you I'm not supposed to be proud to be a "PI Lawyer". I am and I make no apology for being one or for that matter being proud to be one. And until people remember the meaning of do until others as you would have them do unto you, you won't understand why until you need a personal injury lawyer.

So what is a personal injury lawyer?


A personal injury lawyer is one who works for the injured person after they’ve been involved in an accident. In this instance these personal injury lawyers have gotten together to discuss the types of personal injury claims that occur on the interstate highways between Minnesota and Texas. That highway of course is I-35.


What personal injury lawyers do is a daily struggle of battling against the enormous financial power of the insurance industry. They help you navigate through the mixed signals and demands of different insurance companies. For instance after you’re in a highway wreck you end up having a tow bill, a storage bill, a car damage claim, probably medical expenses and certainly time off from work. Your claims originate in one state, not the one in which you live and you need to figure out how to get answers and in what order those questions need to be answered. Literally you find yourself sinking in demands of several insurance adjusters with no one assisting you. That is where the personal injury lawyer is helpful.


We live this day in and day out. We take over the hassles that you find overwhelming. Where you feel like you’re being pushed around by the other guy’s auto insurance company, your own insurance company and the health insurance company, we push back and direct traffic. Personal injury lawyers are here for you, your spouse and family and all those whose interests aren’t opposing to your own. The most important question you can ask is “Are you on my side?”


How many years have you been handling personal injury legal work?

Do you have other lawyers in the state where the collision occurred that you can work with to get my case handled?

Do you like doing this kind of work?

Do you have a blog where I can read what you’ve written?

How do you handle these cases?


You will hear the insurance industry malign personal injury lawyers and you will hear politicians run on platforms with tort reform planks, but when it comes to your personal injury claim none of them are helpful or there to assists you. The fact is you can’t even believe your own insurance company adjuster can be trusted. Why, because if the other guy hasn’t enough insurance coverage you’ll need to file an underinsured motorist claim. And if the other guy doesn’t have any insurance you’ll have to file an uninsured motorist claim. That means you’re insurance company is your opponent; and trust me on this one, they understand that perfectly. In 30 years of practicing law I can tell you what and how they will treat you. Your own insurance company may even hire a lawyer for the at-fault driver, that’s the guy that hit you and caused you injury, to beat your claim so that they don’t have to pay you anything under your own policy.


That’s the way this system works. So now you know why they really don’t want you hiring a “personal injury lawyer” and why they’ve spent so much money convincing you personal injury claims are a bad idea.


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