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Snow Storm Accidents in IowaThere were multi-car crashes on both I-80 and on I-35 during the last snow storm. The I-80 crash was by the Grinnell, Iowa exit in the eastbound lanes. The I-35 crash was about 60 miles north of Des Moines and was a chain collision, something we’ve seen previously in this area of I-35. In the I-35 crash two people were killed and seven injured. We just finished a case involving an out-of-state resident semi-truck driver involved in a multi-car crash near Davenport. Two people died in that accident. The cause of that accident had to do with bridge construction. These today are about the blizzard that slammed Iowa recently. Of course being a pi lawyer in Iowa, I’ve had to deal with these severe weather related accidents and the one piece of advice I can give you is to snap a few pictures of the accident scene even with your cell phone. Something is better than nothing, even if the quality isn’t all that good. The second bit of advice is hire a lawyer quickly so they can conduct an investigation before the evidence is destroyed. 

We are handling a case (just settled for $375,000) and the not-at-fault driver waited well over a year to hire us as her attorney. While that makes it slightly more difficult, it wasn't bad in that case and we still were able to achieve getting the limits from two insurance companies. So act reasonably and quickly, kind of like the climbers in this photo climbing Mt. Elbrus in Russia. They move slowly; but deliberately. And so should you. So let's get back to today's accidents. 

Likely defense is indicated by this statement quoted from the Eyewitness News of ABC’s Channel 9, KCAU TV: “Preliminary information indicates that due to near zero viability, drivers were unable to see vehicles that had either slowed or stopped on the Interstate. A chain reaction of crashes then ensued. So far at least one person has died as a result of the crash. The roadway remains blocked and Troopers will work the investigation for several hours.”

You can sort of see it coming can’t you? I can hear it already.

Iowa Law Enforcement – State Patrol, Iowa DOT - Resources for Iowa Car Accident Victims

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