Whether a supporter of Donald Trump or not, it is indisputable that he is at the forefront of numerous current lawsuits (75 by one count).  Not only is that a significant number of lawsuits for any one person to be involved in, it is unheard of for the President of the United States.  While it's a bad way to start a presidency, it will also seriously affect how he will be able to perform his new duties once he is inaugurated - if he makes it to that point.  The first serious trial involving Trump as a defendant is set to start at the end of November, and could have serious legal, criminal, and financial consequences for him - even before he takes office.  This case involves Trump University and claims by former students that the university was a fraud, making false claims and taking their money dishonestly. If he is found to have lied during the lawsuit proceedings on top of the fraud claims at the base of this lawsuit, he could be subject to impeachment on many counts.  This case will also be heard before the judge that Trump said was unfit to hear the case because he was "Mexican." The trial is set to last six weeks - and will certainly interfere with Trump's beginning stages of taking over the presidency, not to mention how the jury verdict could affect his presidency altogether.  And this is only one of many lawsuits that could disrupt the president-elect's plans for office.

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