I'm asked this question quite often and my answer hasn't changed in 32+ years. If I practice for another 20 years it still won't change. You get in an accident and as soon as someone is free call the lawyer! Why? Because while you wait the insurance industry is working nonstop against you to destroy your ability to prove YOUR CASE! 

10 Reasons to Quickly Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer after A Semi-Truck Accident

  1. Photograph and record the accident scene
  2. Photograph the vehicles
  3. Photograph your injuries
  4. Identify witnesses
  5. Interview witnesses
  6. Hire an accident reconstruction expert
  7. Determine insurance coverage
  8. Protect you from activist insurance adjusters
  9. Work with your health insurance company
  10. Work with your medical service providers to insure proper payments are made
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