You're going to spend between $10,000 and $50,000 to defend your reputation and medical license. No question about it. As your lawyer you will be charged $375 and $575 per hour; at least that is my rate in 2012 and it's subject to increases without notice on this blog. You will have a fee agreement that we will both sign and that fee agreement will set out the applicable hourly rate.

If you think this rate is high consider the following. How much do the doctors for the Iowa Board of Medicine charge you to know what they will say against you? In a recent case (2012) the reviewing doctors from the Iowa Board of Medicine charged $600/hour just to be deposed. That’s what the doctor's charge and it alone justifies the legal fees because it tells you the stakes are high and the demands on the lawyer’s time considerable. The lawyer will more than likely turn work away when representing your interests, because a favorable outcome preserves the doctor’s income. 

As a trial lawyer, I hate losing. It's that simple. So call me and let's me defend you.

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