The Business Record had this story re-posted below. This is the kind of case I have previously seen in my practice. I'm familiar with a young professional who did this same thing, but with an adult woman, then showed the tape as half-time entertainment to his buddies. He ended up paying $100,000 to settle the civil case for invasion of privacy.

Think it’s cute, think again, because it can cost you. And when the Internet is used as the publishing mechanism, the damages may be a whole lot higher than $100,000.

Bring me your case and we’ll make an example out of the moron that does this kind of thing.

KCCI Top Stories:
19-year-old charged after sex tape with teen distributed

A 19-year-old Knoxville man faces two felony sex charges after he engaged in a sex act with a 15-year-old girl while a friend videotaped it, KNIA/KRLS radio reports. The Knoxville Police Department said the incident happened sometime in February and the video was distributed to others without the knowledge of the victim. [The man] is charged with third-degree sex abuse and exploitation of a minor. Police said additional charges are pending against [the man] and others.

Police want copies of illegal sex video destroyed, KCCI News

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