It takes as long as it takes. It should take long enough to do it right. Okay, so what is it in months? Well, probably about 18 months on average; or a little longer. Why, you ask?

Well because the hold up is your medical condition and the treatment it takes to get you to a point of maximum medical improvement. It’s all about doctor’s opinions. The sooner the doctor lets you go back to work or finish up with your treatment the lawyers can do the rest of their work to settle or try your care. 

Think of doctor opinions like you do gasoline in a car’s fuel tank. If there is no gas in the tank, then the car won’t start up. Same goes for the workers’ compensation benefits engine. If you don’t have a doctor’s opinion the work comp benefits engine won’t start. So doctor opinions are the fuel of the workers’ compensation benefits engine. Simply stated your work injury must be related to your work.

Now what kind of gas do you need? You need a positive doctor opinion that relates your injury and need for treatment to what you do at work.

Then you’ll need a medical opinion that says because of that injury or the need for medical treatment you need to be off of work. That’s a doctor’s work excuse.

And then you’ll need a doctor’s opinion saying you can go back to work. That’s a work release.

After you go back to work and you’re finished with treatment the doctor will decide if he thinks you have permanent impairment or activity restrictions.

All this takes time and has to be done in sequence. Nothing can be rushed or done sloppy.

So be patient; don’t worry it will get done, but in time.

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