Photo by Jason Arnold from Anchorage, AlaskaToday's question is an interesting one, because it leads into something else about Iowa's employment culture. The job culture of employees is much different than for employers and decision-makers. I am often asked, but in a roundabout way, “How can they do this to me?” 

There is a lessening of the level of tolerance associated with job exports, an aging population, lowered economic expectations nationally and higher crime rates. 

Now let’s get to today’s question.

Question: What can I do if a supervisor from my previous job said demeaning things about me?

Question Detail: I was fired from a major company recently. I had a high paying job and was asked to visit in the supervisor's office one morning. They told me a reason why I was let go and offered severance. I have learned today that they had a meeting and the supervisor said many demeaning things about me to the whole group. I don't know this supervisor hardly at all but is listening to the below person on lies because they just don't like me for whatever reason. I'm not a person who kisses the bosses behind; I just like to get work done. My old colleagues called me and told me about it because it made them angry. I am irate about this because it's completely false and I'm afraid it's going to hurt my future.

Answer: You could contact your former boss’s boss and lodge a complaint; although I'm doubtful it will do much good. Without knowing what was said about you it's difficult to know if there is any basis for a libel or slander suit.

Consider this as well; Iowa is a right-to-work state, meaning you can be fired for as many reasons as there are days in the year or for no reason at all and it is completely legal. And while I’m not saying that’s good or bad I am saying it is the law. Workers have to work, keep their mouths shut and stay focused on the goal of the job. Otherwise, it’s see-you-later Jane! The same applies to tort reform measures. It is not always the other guy whose ox is being gored. Sometimes it’s your oxen.

People don’t realize the tort “reform” measures that get passed can and will someday be applied to them. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Keep that in mind next time you vote. When you vote for politicians who want to take away your rights, the right to hold a job, consider the consequences if it were you on the receiving end, because today you are.

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