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When it comes to personal injury claims, rural Iowan’s need to wake up and smell the coffee. The culture in rural Iowa is one of distrust when it comes to the law, lawyers and the people who live in the city of Des Moines. But when it comes to personal injury insurance claims what rural Iowa doesn’t seem to get is they are the ones being played by the insurance industry. The insurance adjusters realize and are playing you when it comes to your distrust of the law and lawyers in general. The insurance adjusters will play you like a fiddle in order to get the case settled cheaply. Your distrust of lawyers is prejudice that hurts you financially while helping them to manipulate you and your emotions. They do it because when they do, it keeps you from seeing that you are being played and from seeing the true value of your personal injury case.

Consider What It Is You Don't Know And Aren't Thinking About

Serious car accidents or motorcycle crashes resulting in serious debilitating injuries require a complicated financial and medical evaluation. What about future surgeries? Future prescriptions? Future doctor visits? How do you calculate and then capitalize the future costs of medical care? Even though you may think you do, farmers and rural workers do not have the wherewithal to understand the medical and economic evaluation process. I am a lawyer, and so I do not attempt to farm. And just as a lawyer should not attempt to drive a combine, farmers should not attempt to practice law.

The linked articles have a list of some things I hear rural Iowan clients repeat. Like I said, I am a lawyer and if you need help with your serious personal injury case, call me. Katrina and I are always happy to speak with potential clients.

And know this, I will pledge never to try and plow a field if you promise to never attempt to be a lawyer. 

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