Well first you read my blog post titled, As a seller is it legal to sell your house ‘As-is’?

Do you want to know what my answer is to that question? My answer is yes and no. You can sell your house ‘as-is’ so long as you make all the proper disclosures. In other words you can sell as is but you just have to tell the buyers what’s wrong with your house. They can assume all those nasty defect costs but you can’t sell without first letting them know via the disclosure statement what is wrong with it.

The problem is with how people think about their duties when they try to sell a house ‘as-is’. As-is doesn’t mean that as the seller you have absolutely no duties. It simply means the buyers buy without regard to defects. But that doesn’t change the sellers’ duty under the Iowa law. Seller still must fill out the disclosure form in an honest manner.

Make sense? It should. If it doesn’t call Katrina or I. We are both lawyers and I’m also a licensed real estate broker.

See Seller Disclosure Statements, Steve Lombardi

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