How do I figure how long my worker's compensation benefits will last?

Question Detail: I was injured at work and have been on worker's compensation since 2003 and never got a lawyer. How long will they be able to keep me on worker's compensation?

Answer: Theoretically you can receive benefits for the rest of your life, but unless you are permanently and totally disabled you won't. I would have to know more about the benefits you're receiving to be able to express an opinion as to how long I think you'll receive benefits. You really should get a lawyer.

Maybe you can help me with a situation at my house. I think there are termites eating the floor joists between the main floor and the upper level. Up till now I've not been worried about it since we live mostly on the main level. Do you think I should have an exterminator look at it? I really don't want to spend the money.

What was that you said? Sooner or later the roof will come down on my head? Really? Sort of like your workman’s compensation case coming down on yours? 

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