Rescuing a person after a fall presents all kinds of challengers for those rescued and those doing the rescuing. I've had a little crevasse rescue training in the French Alps in Chamonix, France. This is in the mountain range with Mont Blanc and the Aiguille du midi. I'm not sure you can ever have enough training for crevasse rescue.

How do you climb smart? Take a look at the Expert Village series on rock climbing. These videos will give you ideas that might teach you how to enjoy the view without falling and becoming injured. We hope this little guy is hanging in there with recovery. Who knows maybe he's reading this blog and is getting the idea about something he could learn while sitting in a hospital bed. If you are I pass on my hopes you're mending well.

Now the fun stuff let's take a look-see at the mountain village of Chamonix. When you engage in adventure travel you get to go to real nice places like this mountain community.

And what about that rescue effort by the Clinton emergency and law enforcement.

Crevasse Rescue in the snow by the Mountain Council of Scotland - Notice the use of ropes, hitches, anchors, karabiners, crampons and a rope system. I have an idea of what to do but I'm not proficient at it. The person who I've met that knows the mountains and has the best attitude is Jamie Pierce. He's the consummate professional. Now when you watch this crevasse rescue video notice how the fallen climber helps himself. With the Eagle Point victim I'm not sure he was able to assist.

Here is another video with rocks. This commentator when he refers to the climbers in Peru is talking of course about the author of Touching the Void, Joe Simpson, and his fellow climber Simon. Here is the part of the video relevant to this post. Watch about 2:15 into the film clip. It's amazingly beautiful and in an instant changes for the worse. Perhaps our young ledge climber can watch this file while he's laid up and recovering. No matter your injuries don't give up. Take a look at how hard Joe Simpson had it and he's back to climbing again.

I wish this young lad well and a speedy recovery. To visit Joe Simpson's website go to NoOrdinaryJoe. [ ]

Here is a video of Eagle Point Park.

I have no idea how the firemen performed the rescue but they did. They should be commended for their training and most assuredly their ingenuity.

For additional reading see Saturday's post 13-year-old boy falls from bluff overlooking Mississippi River

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