How come my lawyer doesn’t know what my case is worth?

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Baking a litigation cakeI get asked this question quite often. Good lawyers know and admit they aren’t able to readily answer all questions at the inception of your case. Litigation progresses in stages and depending on where you’re at in the case he or she may or may not be able to determine the value. So today’s question is one that will sound familiar to many of you involved at some stage of your litigation.

Question: "Should my lawyer know how much he is suing for my 3 herniated disc in my back 4 in my neck tears in ACL in right knee?"

Answer: No. The amount you will ask for is not known until all relevant facts are discovered; meaning until you’re finished with your medical treatment and the doctor states his or her opinions on the issues of future medical care, permanent impairment and restrictions the lawyer would not be able to determine how much to seek in damages.

Think of litigation just as you would think about how to prepare a Thanksgiving feast. You have to prepare the food before you can sit down at the table and eat it. You have to set the table before you can have a plate to put food on or wine in your glass. Litigation requires preparation of evidence before it can be presented at trial. Valuing your case takes pieces of testimony and opinions from doctors about the injury, the medical treatment and how well it worked. 

So sit back and relax because this meal will take some time to cook.

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