How come I can't drink gin for free?

Fish filesThis is another one of those days when legal advice just won't do. Some people think every 'wrong' in their life must be a legal concern. Here read the question.

Question: Can you sue if a bartender that is not on duty, is drinking, verbally abuses you and throws you out?

Question Detail: I was at this bar a few days earlier, I had 3 drinks and he asked me to put more money into the poker machine. I told him that I had to go to the ATM up the block. On my way to the bank, I received a call from work; I had to meet a client so I couldn't go back to the bar. When I came in tonight during my friends shift, the bartender from the other night was drinking. My friend said he "banned" me from the bar. I was surprised to hear this so I went over to ask why. When I approached him to ask why, he called me a douche bag (among other things). He told me "there's the door, get the f**k out". I went back over to my friends (a client of mine was there with us) to tell them that there was a problem, he got up and came over to me and started yelling obscenities at me. He also started saying things about my financial situation that aren't true, like "you're a deadbeat. He yelled more obscenities and he then made me leave.

Answer: Let me see if I understand the facts. You were at the bar drinking and didn't pay for the drinks. You were playing poker at the bar using a poker machine and didn't put enough money in it, meaning you got to play without paying. You went to work after drinking at the bar so while at work you were under the influence of at least 3 drinks. The bartender in the bar where you regularly drink should know you pretty well, refers to you as a deadbeat. Now you're asking me for free legal advice.

Do you think maybe there's a pattern to your behavior?

What do you want a lawyer to sue the bar because you're not getting free drinks and poker? And if I don’t give you free legal advice, will you need a referral to a second lawyer to sue me because I’m not giving you something for free?

Are you kidding me? You’re asking for a participation trophy? You want everyone to give you things just because you show up? You need help but it's not from a lawyer. Go to work.

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