Following an accident one of the biggest mistakes people make is one easily fixed. Most people realize that in order to prove the personal injury case, they will need photographs of the cars, trucks, motorcycles, accident scenes along with cuts, bruises, surgical incisions and other injured areas of the body. But low quality imagery doesn’t cut it.

Smart phones are not high quality cameras. They are adequate for pictures to post on Facebook, but when it comes to the quality we want for a courtroom, those images fail miserably. The quality (pixilation) of the image is degraded and will not enlarge to the size and quality expected. There is a saying in law, “The devil is in the details!” and when it comes to photographs to show car damage, truck damage or bodily injury it is still true that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Following an accident if you are going to take photographs and you should, use a good digital camera, and save the images to not just your computer, but to a compact disc or DVD. I have had several clients say they have photographs only to later learn the phone was lost, stolen or broken.

Now if all you have is a Smartphone, then use it to secure the image.
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