How can I stop my husband's ex girlfriend from harassing me at work?

Question Detail: My husband's ex girlfriend whom they have a 9 yr old together, continues to call my job which is in a restaurant, and asks if I'm there. If the other employees answer no, she will place an order then proceed to tell them, "Good we don't want her to spit in my food!"
I'm now on the verge of loosing my job because they are tired of the phone calls. What can I do about her harassing me like this?

Answer: I won’t ask how this all started but I do suspect there is an element of payback to her actions. That being said it still doesn’t justify her calling your workplace to harass you and the owner of the business. I suspect you simply want it to stop and there are several things you can do. First you can file a complaint with the police and ask them to contact her to request it simply stop. If that doesn’t work then report her to the County Attorney and ask that charges be filed. Another option would be to pay an attorney to write her a letter advising her if she doesn’t stop you will go to the police and the county attorney to file charges. Now short of her having a loose screw it should stop.

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