How can I help with my workers' compensation or car accident case?

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My first thought is just do your part with record keeping and communicating new information to your lawyer's office. Also be patient because Rome wasn't built in a day. Let's talk about what I mean these two suggestions.

Are you invested in your case?

Record keeping for out-of-pocket expenses such as medical, Rx and other things if kept organized is a huge help. It's not unusual for clients to not maintain receipts and notes so they are able to provide medical expenses or records to show what wasn't covered by health insurance and what they've paid. When the client fails to keep good records it's almost impossible for the lawyer to reconstruct it. After all we aren't there with you.  Asking the lawyer to prove a dollar amount without the proper record keeping is like hoping a sailboat suddenly appears on the beach with your name on it. Like the sailboat, proof just doesn't instantaneously appear because you want it. Keep in mind the burden is on you to prove every element of the law that underpins your claim.

Where's the beef?

Lawyers have to prove relatedness, we can't go into trial or a hearing with a wish list simply hoping the fact finder will shut their eyes and believe us that the bill you paid is somehow related to treating the injury caused in the accident. Instead of asking the lawyer to pull a rabbit out of a hat, keep records that show the date of service, the name of the medical service provider, a description of the service provided and the amount you paid. While you're at it keep track of your mileage both to and from every doctor's appointment.

Get a clue you need to keep better records and not just drop a bunch of bills and scraps of paper that you throw onto the lawyer's desk.

Proper Client Medical Expense Record Keeping

Keep proper records that show the date of service, the name of the medical service provider, a description of the service provided and the amount charged and how much you paid. And then attach a copy of the paperwork, the bill for service or the health insurance explanation of benefits (EOB).

Missed Work Days

Clients come to the end of the case and most don't seem to understand the lawyer didn't follow your every move. Fact is we don't read minds. So if you're taking a day off due to an injury and have a doctor's excuse, then keep a record of all those days and every once in a while provide a copy to your lawyer. Hey thanks for the help!

Get involved because this is your case, stay invested in it because you then are a productive and valuable member of the trial team! And remember pestering the lawyer by constantly calling him doesn't mean you're invested. Quite the contrary; if the lawyer is on the phone with you it means he's not spending time doing legal work on the client cases he/she's accepted. So be a respectful client not a big distraction.

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