House fires have specific causes that lawyers must discover to recover.

A house fire in Centerville caused injury to two people who were then treated at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Three others were taken by ambulance to the same hospital. There is video and photographs available if you follow the link. The Shondel Family is mentioned in the article. The cause of the fire was not discussed in the KCCI article. The address is noted to be 105 N. Main Street. Burns from house fires can be extremely painful. You can help them recover by contacting this phone number: U-Sold-What?, 105 N. Main in Centerville, Hours 9 to 5 with phone 641-856-4211. Donations of clothes and cash are appreciated. For the article see 5 Hurt In Morning House Fire, KCCI, January 27, 2011.

And in Sioux City the AP reports by KCCI via KTIV that a house fire caused extensive property damage. In that fire five people, including one in a wheelchair along with 9 pets escaped.

And from KCCI there is the story, Man Sentenced After Burning Down His House, January 25, 2011.

See other stories about house and building fires in Iowa below:

Fire Breaks Out At Bar in Oelwein

...a fire broke out early this morning at the Brick City South Bar, formerly known as The Sportsmen, in Oelwein.No other details are yet known. We?ll update when we have ...

from Iowa News latest RSS headlines - Big News - 3:42 AM (4 hours ago)

Firefighter training lab moves forward

...The Urbandale Fire Department is one step closer to having a computer training lab.

from - NEWS - 4:31 AM (3 hours ago)

Man Describes Rescuing Family From Blaze 1hr

...From House Fire Heriford ran to the front door. There, through the smoke-crusted glass, a tiny child begged for someone to help."When I saw that silhouette of that ...

from Iowa News latest RSS headlines - Big News - Jan 28, 2011 (18 hours ago)

Copper Thieves Caused House Fire 46min

...Battle House Fire The trailer court is in the process of being demolished.The Gilbert fire chief said there is no power to the trailers. He believes people may be coming in after dark ...

from Iowa News latest RSS headlines - Big News - Jan 28, 2011 (19 hours ago)

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