Theresa Bigler filed a lawuist against Olympus America, the manufacturer of an endoscopy medical scope that cause her husband to contract drug-resistant E. coli bacteria and eventually die.  Ten other people died at least in part due to contracting this same bacteria from contaminated scopes manufactured by Olympus America.  Initially, the Seattle Hospital where these procedures took place, Virginia Mason Medical Center, were not compliant with informing patients who were exposed to the bacteria.  However, the hospital has now joined Ms. Bigler in the suit against the scope manufacturer, claiming that the manufacturer put patients at risk by failing to disclose design flaws to the physicians and hospitals using the devices.  The claim is also based on the fact that Virginia Mason believes Olympus America knew its devices could be contaminated even after being cleaned according to manufacturer and federal guidelines.  Other top manufacturers of scopes include Fujifilm Holdings Corp. and Pentax.

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