The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is putting an end to reporting certain hospital errors through their hospital comparison website.  This website allowed the public to view "hospital acquired conditions" (HACs) that occurred are various hospitals to evaluate the level of healthcare and any patterns of error.  Hospitals commit life-threatening errors that was previously reported, such as leaving foreign objects in patients during surgery, giving a patient the wrong bloodtype, and air embolisms.  These types of errors will no longer be reported on the website; only a few certain HACs will still be listed for public view.  CMS asserts that this change is to create more comprehensive and relevant information to display to the public.  However, one reason for this change may be a mandate in the Affordable Care Act that requires the 25% of hospitals with the most HACs to receive 1% less in Medicare reimbursements.  Errors such as leaving foreign objects in patients can lead to either death or life-long health consequences - and these events occur twice as often as is actually reported.  Reports of HACs are essential to providing the public with all information necessary to evaluate the quality of their health care.

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