The Sioux City Journal reported about the crash in Spencer, Iowa where two people were seriously injured Monday in a hit-and-run crash in Clay County. Injured were two people on a motorcycle. The alleged offender was driving and SUV on Highway 18 at around 7:16 p.m.

A person later was found that fit the description and he was charged with operating under the influence and improper passing. Additional charges are, according to the police department pending.

Not knowing more about the circumstances it's difficult to discern the motivation of the driver for leaving the scene. One is immediately lead to the conclusion this suspect must be the one and was driving drunk. But as a lawyer we are not able to jump to such conclusions. Is this the correct driver? Or is he just a suspect.  The police will be required to produce witnesses and other evidence to place this suspect in the driver's seat of the appropriate vehicle, which undoubtedly has some damage to it and perhaps paint chips from the motorcycle or clothing or blood from the injured persons. Also witnesses that can place the driver in a bar or other drinking establishment will be helpful to corroborate his drinking and the amount to which he drank. Remember the suspect was not found at the scene and could have consumed alcohol at some other location following the collision; which isn’t relevant to his impairment while driving at the time of the crash. 

A detailed technical investigation of the scene is critical. Speeds may be determined from crash impact, witness testimony and from ski marks, if any. All this is evidence of a crime and must be performed in such a way as to be later admissible in court.

A tough job but one in which the police departments are fully equipped to do.

This is why young men and women go to law school or join the police academy. This is the work of forensics that excites many young people.

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