You are at work, get hit by a car and head off to the hospital. On the way to the hospital you wonder what an Iowa personal injury lawyer would recommend you do. We handle a lot of similar cases and manage to get them settled within a reasonable time. This worker has two claims that dovetail one another. He’s at work and gets hit by a car. What he needs to understand is the complexity of how the one affects the other and how not to wreck his case. Understand what is important; to hire the right lawyer who can take care of you while reducing your worries about what to do next. As Iowa personal injury lawyers this is our job.

Question: Can I get a settlement if I was hit by a car while at work?

The two claims are a workers' compensation claim and a personal injury car accident claim. You need to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Question Detail: I was hit by a car while at work. Initially the doctor said there were no broken bones. I was sent to worker's compensation doctor who put me in rehabilitation. After several requests, a test showed fractures in legs, my knee and torn ligaments in my shoulder which require surgery. I tried and tried to tell them but no one seemed to want to listen; and now I need surgery. I have been off work for approximately 8 weeks and now it's going to be longer and I still have yet to find out if my fractures healed properly since they had me doing everything I shouldn't have been doing so soon after the surgery.

Answer: Yes you need a lawyer to help you and yes you have two cases. Now depending on whom was driving, if the driver worked for a different company, who owned the car and several other factors you may be entitled to damages separate from the workers' compensation insurance. There is information on my web site about "third party lawsuits". You will have the workers' compensation case and also the third party case for personal injury against the owner and driver of the car. 

This is a complex case because there are several insurance policies that apply. The provisions of those policies can create conflicts with who pays and gets paid back. So I’ll suggest you get busy hiring a lawyer to assist you as soon as you can. If you can't then ask your spouse, a friend or your parents to get involved with finding an Iowa personal injury lawyer. If we can help call us. 515-222-1110 or [email protected] If we don't hear from you best of luck. 

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Good Advice! You need a good lawyer.
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