When you are involved in a hit-and-run accident be aware that reporting your claim requires special consideration and you are well advised to seek legal representation. Especially when reporting the claim to your own insurance company.

Most people are upset when involved in an accident where the other driver leaves the scene without providing contact information. You being upset will not help to prove your case or to buy you much sympathy.

We are currently handling such a case and where this case does not involve a problem with our client’s liability, some in the past have. As I've heard said, "This is not my first rodeo." Keep in mind just because the other driver leaves the scene does not mean you can’t be held at least partially at fault for the initial collision or completely at fault for that matter. People may flee an accident scene for many reasons; none of which have anything to do with how or why the accident happened. Those reasons can include drinking and driving, not having permission to be driving, not having a driver’s license, outstanding warrants, youthful immaturity and a whole host of reasons having nothing to do with liability.

Here is an example of what I mean. Let's assume you blow the stop sign and crash into the side of the other car. The other driver has been drinking and even though he is not drunk, he fleas the scene because he can't afford to lose his license and job. His leaving the accident scene does not save you from being at-fault. After all you blew the stop sign. Now this is a clear liability case and many are not so black and white, which is why you need a lawyer's advice after any accident. Maybe even the drunk guy who fled the accident scene needs advice.

In cases where the driver flees and no one can identify them you will likely have an unisured motorist claim with your own insurance company. What you need to understand about your own insurance company is that you may have an uninsured motorist claim; and if so then your own insurance company takes on the role of antagonist, not your legal representative. So get advice before not after you screw up your case.

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Man taken into custody in fatal hit-and-run, KCCI

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