Highway Maintenance Workers in Rural Iowa

My former father-in-law mowed his ditches outside his rural Iowa farm house. He enjoyed the solitude as well as the work and making his homestead look well kept. He always did a good job of achieving that goal; fact is he still does. He’s almost 90 and he’s still out there mowing and tiding the place up. We are good friends he and I. We enjoy each other’s company and share the same values. This news reported accident in T-68 in Howard County near Riceville reminds me of what I know he’s done a thousand or more times. In this case Kevin Christensen, a 42-year-old man from Riceville was driving his John Deere tractor mowing the grass along the highway when it (and he) was struck by a truck allegedly being driven by Jay Hardecopf. The details are pretty sketchy so no conclusions can be drawn, but let’s leave for another day and a lengthy investigation.

Man mowing highway shoulder hurt in collision
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
RICEVILLE, Iowa — Kevin Christensen, 42, of Riceville was injured Tuesday afternoon when a semi-truck struck the John Deere Tractor he was operating while mowing the shoulder of a rural highway

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