From time to time we will be posting blogs about high-speed police chases. Society has concluded they are more than willing to allow high-speed police chases to continue in busy urban areas that often-times result in serious personal injury or death to innocent citizens who are doing nothing more than using the city streets.

And while there should be no-fault coverage carried by the police to cover the costs, there isn’t. But there are cases where the victims can fight back and be compensated for the personal injury, hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, property damage, pain and suffering, emotional distress, wage loss and reduced earning capacity of having your life turned upside down. There is, but the instances are fairly limited.

I find them intriguing because in many cases they seem so reckless to common citizens. But judges seem to be disagreeing. And the law does not favor most victims being compensated by those who employ the police or the person trying to outrun the police car.

You might ask why this is so and why does it continue. I certainly am asking myself that question as we look at a case involving a high-speed chase in Urbandale, Iowa involving an escaped prisoner out of Warren County.

What is wrong with society?

There are elements of society that have glamorized the inner city, or the suburban high-speed police chase. Just watch any action thriller movie coming out of Hollywood and it is surely going to have one. Some companies even teach children that high-speed police chases can be fun. The Lego Shop previously sold a High-Speed Chase kit that included two robbers on motorcycles, one was a female (no sexism here), a policeman chasing the robbers on foot holding handcuffs, his squad car and a fist-full of currency. Link

Lately in Iowa we’ve had a rash of high-speed police chases that have ended badly for innocent citizen victims. If we can help you with your high-speed police chase case call today. 

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